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Reliability. With Every Turn of the Key

You know the feeling.The transformation that begins the instant your feet hit the deck. Your pulse quickens with anticipation.

There's something about the water that stirs your soul. And there's something about a Yamaha outboard that frees your spirit, from the first turn of the key to the moment you tie up back at the dock.

It's knowing you can count on instant, unfaltering starts. That a touch of the throttle is rewarded with responsive power and performance. That - day after day, year after year - you can depend on your rugged, reliable Yamaha engine.

From the beginning, Yamaha has been the standard to be emulated. Two decades ago, we were the first to introduce microprocessor ignition. Others followed suit. The first two-year warranty. Ditto. The list is long, as we continually find ways to make the best outboards on the water even better.

But whether we're fine-tuning existing technology or introducing a revolutionary breakthrough, you know every Yamaha innovation has been proven to perfection before you put it behind your
boat. We didn't set out to create a legend, just an array of outboards that are utterly, undeniably reliable.



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