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I just wanted to take this opportunity to say thanks once again to you and your team. I brought
my Gheenoe that I bought from you in for it’s normal service & oil change Wednesday before Thanksgiving. As you said you had been busy I wasn’t expecting to pick her back up until at least the Weekend the week after Thanksgiving. Imagine my surprise when your wife called me on the Monday following Thanksgiving to inform me that my boat was finished I was equally shocked and pleased when she informed me that the total bill was under the amount you quoted. It’s very refreshing in this day and age to find a business that goes above and beyond for the customer and given the current economy it’s always a welcomed surprise the bill is less than anticipated.

So thanks again for your help and great service I will be back to see you for sure.

Todd A. Mulholland

Really having fun with my Low Tide 15. The trailer rollers are a big help in launching. The 15hp Yam is a sweet engine. I can cruise all day at 18 mph at little over 1/2 throttle (getting about 14 mpg).  The boat is very stable and any water she does take on in a chop is eaisly handled by the bilge pump.  Also, her sharp bow cuts through a 1 foot sea with minimal pounding. With the front double hatch and Miami Vice rear there is plenty of storage space. Very easy to pole even in 6' of water. She truely is the perfect Back Country boat.

Thanks to the Sawyer crew (Kits family, and Dave and Aneal) for the effort and patience they showed in customizing the boat to fit my needs. I can't imagine getting this quality of  service anywhere else.
The best,
Andy Falik



~ Tim Thompson                              

~ Pete Abbot (Letters)

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