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Rosborough Boats

Leisure Series

While other 25ft. boats may pound and flex noticeably in heavy seas, the Rosborough possesses the hull strength to handle even the harsh North East Seas. This is only one of the reasons why the Fisheries & Oceans Canada have 45 of these hulls in service.

There are over 430 of these boats cruising the waters, giving the owners many enjoyable hours on the water. Repeat buyer's are a testament to their satisfaction with the Rosborough.

"Built in the Atlantic North East where boating has been a way of life"

This practical, trailerable family cruiser is probably the largest 25ft.boat on the water, offering so much storage, large tankage and 100% POSITIVE FLOATATION.

The Rosborough is a boat that devotes a large percentage of her overall capacity to the comfort and convenience of her owners. That is, she's quiet, smooth riding, not flashy, economical to operate and has some working boat heritage. A boat that makes you smile.

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