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The Sawyer Family


Sawyers Outboard Service has provided quality
customer service since 1974.  We are a family owned and 
operated business, and 5th generation of Collier County. 
We take pride in providing our customers with only
the best water sports vessels.  We specialize in 
Suzuki outboard motors since 1983.


Kit Sawyer
Carson "Kit" Sawyer, Jr.:  President

In January of 1990 Kit Sawyer founded Sawyer's Outboard Service!

Kit has worked in the boating industry for over 30 years!  He began working at a local marine, Clyde & Arley, when he was still in high school.  He attended the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology where he became a certified Marine Mechanic.  For two years Kit worked at Clyde & Arley's as a Marine Mechanic before he obtained a job at Outboard Motor Corporation (OMC) Test Center.  For four years he ran his own department where he tested boats and motors.  Then Kit began working for TNT Marina in Naples.  He worked as a Marine Technician for six years before he decided to start his own business.


Susan Sawyer: Vice President, Account Manager
Susan is the boss of the boss!  She keeps all the guys in line and keeps the company running smoothly.  She has her Bachelor degree in Early Childhood Education from Florida Gulf Coast University, but loves working with her husband at their marina.


Tiffany Sawyer
Tiffany Sawyer: Marketing Manager
Tiffany is the oldest child, and only daughter of Kit and Susan.  She graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University with her bachelors degree in Marketing/concentration in Advertising.   She helps her family in the Ship Store as well as with their Marketing program, web site design, and interior design.


Daniel Sawyer: Sales Manager
Daniel is the oldest son of Kit and Susan.  He graduated from Naples High School in 2002 and attended the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology where he became a certified Marine Mechanic.  After high school, Daniel attended Florida State Fire College and graduated in the top of his class;  He set the bar for highest grade point average!  With the choice of working for any fire department he wanted, he chose to work for the Golden Gate fire department.  He was hired in October 2003 as a certified Florida State Firefighter!  Daniel continues to work at Sawyer's Marine as the Sales Manager during his off time!


Clinton Sawyer
Clinton Sawyer: Parts Manager
Clinton is the youngest son of Kit and Susan.  Clinton began working at Sawyer's Marine after highschool. He does an excellent job managing Sawyer's Ship Store and Parts room! He also loves to run errands and Service Calls.

Dave Grover : Marine Technician
Dave grew up in Central Florida and moved to Naples in 2007. He became a certified Marine Mechanic in 2007 and began working at Sawyer's Marine in November 2007. He is a Steyr certified technician.

Andrew Dolwick: Marine Technician

Jo John Reeder: Marine Technician

Clay Cooper: Marine Technician

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